On Flatmates

I have three flatmates. Two are kind of similar to me and one is…less similar. It’s from that flatmate, the one least like me, that I’ve learned the most.

Today I went shopping with her. If I go shopping with someone else I buy zero things almost 100% of the time. I have no idea why. But, then again, I don’t usually buy stuff when I go shopping in the first place. Having someone else around just reduces an already unlikely event. ANYWAY, moving on from statistical probability: I didn’t buy what I needed (purple accents..what even is that?) but I did get to help my shopping buddy pick out a dress. I actually really, really like helping other people find clothes. I have to be in a certain mood for it but, on the whole, I like it. I like the satisfaction that comes from knowing I helped someone make a decision. Even if it promotes consumerism.

At my urging, Flatmate #3 ended up selecting a beautiful navy dress with a sparkling neckline, drop back, and a BOW! Wearing it, she looks classy and sophisticated and gorgeous with a dash of princess. Success.

She actually always looks classy, sophisticated, and gorgeous. She handles herself with so much poise. She loves learning and, when you talk to her about her classes, you can literally feel the enthusiasm she has for her subject. Her attention to detail in everything from everyday outfits to keeping in touch with people who are far away is so impressive. Thoroughness and self-discipline shine through her every endeavor.

Basically my point is that I admire a whole list of things about her and even though we’ve had some rocky times I’m still really glad I know her. Don’t brush off friendship just because of some misunderstandings. You could miss out on something pretty great.



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