On Bookshops and (Pasta) Bakes

You guessed it, today I visited a bookshop and made an utterly amazing pasta bake.

Let’s talk about bookshops first. I ADORE BOOKSHOPS. BOOKSTORES. ROOMS WITH BOOKS. WHATEVER YOU WANT TO CALL THEM. There’s just something about shelves stacked to the ceiling groaning with pages upon pages that someone in this world wrote. It’s bizarre. When I was little I had this policy that there’s no such thing as a “good book” because all books must be good as someone has liked it enough to print it, right? There are some books we just don’t click with, but it’s totally possible that someone else did. So no book-bashing, please.

Walking into a bookshop is like coming home. It instantly brightens my day. There’s a slight babble of people murmuring to themselves and their companions, debating if they should get the Vonnegut or the Hemingway. There’s a mom reading a picture book aloud to her two tiny children. There’s the books. Lucky for me, there’s about seven bookshops within a reasonable distance from my flat. There’s one two blocks away that I go to about every other day and there’s a couple a mile away that are adorable. The one I went to today sells everything at half-price and has a towering hit-or-miss clearance shelf at the very back. Today was a hit. Sometimes you just need to buy books to help you love life again.

Apparently, today was my day to really love life because after my bookshopping success I created an epic pasta bake for dinner. Really, it was so good. One pan, baked to perfection, filled with bowtie pasta, kale, green bell pepper, red onion, green peas, broccoli, slices of tomato, and cashew-cream pasta sauce. Yummmm.

Hmm, it’s 11:20PM. Too late to stay up and read? I think not.



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